Powering Farmageddon with Falcon

Powering Farmageddon with Falcon


We are thrilled to announce that Falcon Power Generation is powering the Farmageddon Scare Fest this year with two of our reliable 60kVA generators!

🔌 Our generators are working their magic to ensure a spook-tacular experience for all. 🌟

💡 One of our 60kVA generators is lighting up the Pumpkin Festival, making sure the spooky decorations and jack-o'-lanterns shine bright through the night! 🎃✨

🍔 The second 60kVA generator is powering the food trucks, so everyone can enjoy delicious treats without any interruptions. 🍔👻

At Falcon Power Generation, we take pride in supporting events like Farmageddon Scare Fest and ensuring a seamless and electrifying experience for all. We are here to keep the scares going strong! 💪💀

Thank you to Farmageddon Scare Fest for choosing Falcon Power Generation to light up this thrilling event! 🌟🚀

Contact one of our team for more service information at: 01362 821048.

or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.