Falcon's Hybrid Power Solutions

With the carbon footprint, emissions and sustainability in everyone’s mind, Falcon goes above and beyond to offer solutions compliant with new regulations.

These units deliver on both cost savings and additional cuts in CO2 emissions, just like a hybrid car but on a larger scale. The principle is that the generator charges the hybrid part of the system whilst it is in normal operation. This enables the project to switch on to stored battery power for lighting and advertising once the site closes. This eliminates noise at night and reduces engine running time and, hence, fuel consumption.

Our Hybrid generators are available to rent or purchase. Please contact enquiries@falconpowergeneration.co.uk or call 01706 397086 for more information.

AC Output
AC Voltage Rage
230VAC +/-2%
Storage Battery Power
Inverter Related Power
Maximum Feed Through Current (A)
1 x 100
Battery - Lithium Iron Phosphate
6,000 (+25º; 0.4C)
Charge Voltage at Cyclic Operation
Float Voltage/Non Cyclic Operation
Recharge to 100%
4-6 hours
AC Input
Input Voltage Range (V DC)
9.5-17V, 19-33V, 38-66V
Maximum Feed Through Current (A)
1 x 100
General Data
Pod Dimension
L=1,000mm, W=1,000mm, H=1,200mm